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First impression is the last impression. We are all aware of this famous phrase and this is exactly why building an amazing website can be worth a fortune. When it comes to your store you tend to decorate it which leads the customers perceive a certain image about you and your products. Research says that it takes hardly 0.05 seconds for the users to build their opinion regarding your products when they go through your website. Now imagine that you do not have a website? Or you do possess one but it is not built in an attractive fashion? 

People do judge a book by its cover so it is advisable to build your strongest tool perfectly. Here’s a small activity. There are two options given. Where would you like to shop from?

Now that you have a website, have you ever thought what will happen if it is poorly designed and not very responsive on mobile? Give it a thought as 57% of users say they will not recommend a business with a poorly designed website on mobile which can cause a grave damage to the business. In 2020 50% of e-commerce sales occur through websites hence building a good website is as important as building a good shop or office. It was also found that 38% of users will stop using a website if the content is not attractive and desirable. This can result in a huge loss for the business as well as the organization. 

Putting too many options for the user to handle or putting too few options for the users to choose from can affect the business detrimentally. Website user experience is as essential as any other experience which is lacking in approximately 77% of the organizations. Now you have made an amazing website but what if it takes too long for the images to get loaded? 39% of people will stop using the website if the webpage is taking too long to load. The maximum loading time which a user can provide your website is 2 seconds. This is an essential part which should be considered when building a good website. Usually due to large file size loading time increases which should be rectified while building a website. 

Now you may think that it won’t cost you too much if the loading process on your website is slow but do you know that slow loading websites have cost retailers near about $2.6 billion in lost sales just in the US. Now what about the writing and how much time do the users spend for this task on your website? Research shows that users spend an average of 5.59 seconds going through the written content of a website. This is not at all a long time span. Hence what you write should catch the eyes of the users instantly. Unnecessary addition of details which are not required or adding content which are hardly relevant can cause a negative impact on the users. Keeping in mind that users spend so less time, the data or written content should be as effective and as attractive as possible which will nicely portray what you want to say about your company.

Is designing the content important? Yes it is as important as writing relevant important information as when given time studies show that two thirds of people would rather read content which is beautifully designed than something which is plain. The first impressions are 94% design based which means the better the design the better the impression perceived by the customers. Selection of color, selection of layouts, selection of placements, etc plays a vital role. This is why we need to focus immensely on the layouts and designs which will help gain more audience to your website increasing the sales massively.

46% of customers build a notion and their decisions based on the credibility of the website. The virtual appeal and the aesthetics such as layout, typography, color, font, etc. This is why it is so vital to build a website which is good, vivid and effective. It is said that the world is now in our hands and the details are delivered at our fingertips. This is why considering the amount of time people spend on the internet , businesses had to move online. When you have a shop it opens at 8 AM and closes at 11 PM. This is the maximum time your shop can be open. But when it comes to websites it has a 24/7 online presence delivering opportunity to the users who do not get the chance of visiting the outlets. 80% of users order products even during mid-night. This is why a website is a crucial tool which refrains the loss of customers.

Also when you have a website new methodologies are being used such as local SEO services which also leads to building credibility and trust within the consumers and helps support and initiate a better relationship between the two parties. Temptation is the key to success and developing a professional looking website will definitely tempt users to spend more time. It is extremely important for visitors to not get bored very easily and stay interested in the website hence we should focus on building a great website. More than anything it is Cost-Effective. You can build a very nice website and sell millions of products even without possessing a store. Imagine the cost you are saving and the profits which you will incur in the midst of this process.

In short we need to clearly acknowledge the fact that a website is one of the most essential tools when it comes to your business. It has innumerous pros and negligible cons which has been proved statistically as well as theoretically. Hence Building a great website will change the way people perceive your business and it is a proven fact.

Therefore, it is absolutely fair to conclude that behind every successful business is a successful, effective and a wonderful website.

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