New markets + tax benefits + low-cost infrastructure + efficient manufacturing + diversified assets = maximising ROI

Incorporation of companies

There are many benefits to expanding your business operations, manufacturing, or sales to new markets around the world.
By entering new markets, the demand for your products and services increase. By diversifying your asset base geographically, you will insure yourself against the vagaries of politics and business. However, consider the following challenges:

Opening New Market

In a digitally connected world, it is easier than ever to sell your product or service in a new market, regardless of how big or small your business is. Also, the cost of international freight movement is so competitive that earlier barriers to selling overseas have largely disappeared. Even a local business can market and sell their product internationally. 

 Taxation and government policies are different around the world

Tax patterns differ across the developed and developing countries. Every country has its own financial goals and pressures, and their governments respond accordingly. Switzerland, Ireland, Singapore, U.A.E. for example, has among the lowest corporate taxes in the world, so many global conglomerates park their profits there. Currently, the Make in India campaign (run directly from the Indian Prime Minister’s office) makes local manufacturing look even more lucrative than before. A politically and fiscally stable Switzerland remains the location of choice for long-term investments. With extensive knowledge of these patterns and policies, we in Integrated Square expertly guide our clients to set up the ideal business to maximize advantage and profit.

Infrastructure and manufacturing  

We conduct research and analysis so we can guide our clients about which geographies are a good fit for their products and services.

 Diversified assets

Diversified equity investments typically result in higher yields at boom times and minimize losses when markets go down. Similarly, diversifying your assets in multiple geographic locations ‘hedges’ your investments. By virtue of being in different places, your business can protect itself from local political upheaval and changes in tax and other statutory requirements. Integrated Square helps you make the nuanced decisions necessary to grow your business.