We apply insight and actionable intelligence to help your business grow and succeed across markets

Distribution Channel

Helping companies find new markets through distributors. You reach a scale and don’t want to give commission to distribution, then establish your firm.

We help distributors tie-up with corporates. We think of wholesalers, retailers, C&F agents when we think of distribution. It takes years to build good relationships with our distribution partners.

Oftentimes the Top Line and Bottom Line of our company are dependent on these networks. However, the challenge comes when we want to scale up our business into new territories. Distribution partners become hard to find. 

We at Integrated Square firmly believe that lack of resources to find you a good channel should not stop you from scaling up. We want to bridge the gap and provide integrated solutions for any European company to scale up its presence in new untapped markets like Asia or Africa or the other way round. We want to be your disruptive partners who help you increase your presence in new countries, who provide you with all the required resources to set up your business in new geographies, and who helps you to finally establish your products and services in these markets.

  • Omnichannel distribution strategy: We believe in providing a seamless experience to our customers, thus enabling them to complete a purchase from any channel they choose
  • Lean management: We believe in technology enablement thus maximizing the return on investment of our businesses and also seizing opportunities linked to new markets
  • We help you choose the right market segments to target mature markets
  • We help you approach emerging markets via our distribution channels
  • Our hybrid model of distribution supplemented by digital capabilities helps our clients mark a presence easily in new territories
  • We manage the entire life-cycle of distribution – From due diligence, appointment, contracting, forecasting, and supply management to audit and termination.