Digital Transformation

Our customized solutions help Automate, Strategize, Optimize & be Future Ready.

Through our partner, we specialise in providing next-gen solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and provide analytics in the areas of Image, Video and Data with real time actionable insights. The analytics generated helps organisations to understand operations better and derive patterns which helps strategize, optimise and be future ready.

With a rich experience of implementation across a few hundred stores across various regions, we are able to deploy highly improvised pre-trained models and bring best practices to our remote deployments.

Our solutions are asset light as we utilise the existing infrastructure of CCTV and compute to the maximum extent to reduce capex investments hence entry costs are low. System doesn’t require any special devices, RFID, beacons, sensors and Bluetooth. Apart from retail, we cater to various other industry verticals too.

Our Data and Video Analytic Solutions help in the areas:

  • Customer Profiling
  • End Customer Experience
  • Automation
  • Operations¬†¬†
  • Surveillance
  • Business Growth
  • Safety & Compliance
  • Predictions

We also have solutions highly relevant during post-pandemic times which includes:

  1. Regulating entrants through people counting technology.
  2. Facial Recognition based Touchless Attendance and Visitor’s Management, we can also create GDPR-Compliant system.
  3. Crowd Gathering and Action Detection.

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